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Issue #31, August 16, 2018

  1. Open Now Due to Popular Demand—Writing Great Dialogue Master Class (only through August 20)
  2. Giveaway Winner Announced (Joan's Novel and $20 Amazon Gift Card)
  3. Using Body Language to Complement Your Dialogue
  4. Artist Residencies for Writers
  5. Book Promotion and Publicity
  6. Books Do Get Judged by Their Covers
  7. What's New with Joan

Issue #30, July 15, 2018

  1. Rare Opportunity for Getting Feedback—Only Through July 31
  2. Giveaway Winner Announced
  3. Story Openings
  4. Free Online Class from University of Iowa
  5. Joan's Upcoming Online Class Offerings (New & Improved)
  6. Writer's Digest Annual Conference
  7. Free Grant-Finding Training; Emergency Funds for Writers
  8. Publicity and Promotion for Authors; Don't Have a Social Media Presence?
  9. Digital Tools—Add This Share Buttons
  10. What's New With Joan

Issue #29, June 7, 2018


  1. The Art of Subtext
  2. Advertising for Authors Online Class
  3. Writer's Digest Annual Conference
  4. Writing Contests, Grants & Awards Database
  5. Marketing & Social Media Podcasts
  6. Digital Tools—You Need a Budget

Issue #28, May 2, 2018


  1. Writing in Present Tense
  2. Free Online Writing Classes
  3. Funding for Writers Free Video
  4. The Psychology of Persuasion
  5. Digital Tools—Social Proof
  6. What’s New with Joan

Issue #27, April 2, 2018


  1. Make Dialogue Relevant to Your Story
  2. Get Paid to Write
  3. Do You Have to Use Social Media?
  4. Using Graphic Design to Enhance Your Author Platform
  5. What’s New with Joan
  6. Closing Photo of Little Jack and Logan

Issue #26, March 1, 2018


  1. Using Dialogue to Advance Your Story
  2. Upcoming Online Classes (some free, some not)
  3. Where to Find Grants
  4. Where to Submit Your Writing
  5. Marketing & Social Media Advice
  6. Digital Tools
  7. What’s New with Joan

Issue #25, October 1, 2017


The Novel Issue!


Issue #24, September 1, 2017


  1. Read Chapter One of THIS IS HOW IT BEGINS
  2. Book Giveaway
  3. Watch Out for Filtering
  6. Commas in Compound Sentences
  7. #RuinABookTitleInOneLetter from Twitter
  8. Wisdom from Philip Gourevitch
  9. 4 Popular Links Containing Literary News


Issue #23, July 26, 2017


  1. Book Giveaway—5 Advance Reader Copies of THIS IS HOW IT BEGINS available
  2. Are You a Writer, or a Would-Be Writer?
  3. Revise With Confidence Class Now Open (through July 31)
  4. FREE Cloud Library App
  5. Book Recommendations
  6. "Peaked" v. "Piqued"
  7. #MakeMeMadIn5Words from Twitter
  8. 4 Popular Posts Containing Literary News

Issue #22, June 30, 2017


  1. How to Reveal Character Through Dialogue
  2. 13 Steps to Evil: How to Craft Superbad Villains
  3. Case Histories
  4. What's a Gerund?
  5. Wisdom from Eugene Ionesco and Kate Atkinson
  6. Crowdfunding for Writers—Is It Worth It?
  7. Four Online Course Opportunities

Issue #21, June 6, 2017


  1. How Do I Make Time to Read?
  2. Revision Tip—Lose the Muse
  3. This Is How It Begins
  4. Ta-Nehisi Coates on Books
  5. Grammar Tip—The Singular "They"
  6. How to Optimize Your Amazon Author Central Profile
  7. Lionel Shriver's Controversial Speech
  8. An Update on the Writing Great Dialogue Online Course
  9. Your First 10,000 Readers—Free Video Training

Issue #20, April 29, 2017


  1. How to Make a 3D Book Cover
  2. Cut Out Dull Dialogue—A Free Sample Online Class Lesson
  3. Stephen King on Writing Dialogue
  4. Book Recommendations
  5. "Bad" or "Badly?"
  6. Hilarious #LiteraryTypos from Twitter
  7. 4 Popular Posts You Might Have Missed

Issue #19, April 7, 2017


This issue is all about writing great dialogue. How can you use dialogue to improve your characters? How to de-clutter your dialogue. Book recommendations. Using slang in dialogue, and more.

Issue #18, February 28, 2017


This month in the Revise with Confidence Newsletter, you’ll learn how to decide when to interrupt dialogue with a dialogue tag, and why to avoid said-bookisms (say, what?). We’ll also look at how to punctuate with quotation marks, a great book on naming characters, other book recommendations (including a new section on audiobooks), inspiration from Marcel Proust, four articles on dialogue, a look at the new She Writes University, and a few tidbits here and there about my own writing and offerings.

Issue #17, January 27, 2017


This month in the Revise with Confidence Newsletter, we talk about using facts in fiction, checking for too many uses of said in your writing, check out the new book on dialogue by Robert McKee, find inspiration from the same, learn the top 10 grammar myths, hear yours truly on The Writing Coach podcast, get Scrivener tips from ScrivenerVirgin and more!

Issue #16, December 6, 2016


This month in the Revise with Confidence Newsletter, you’ll get inside the bodies of your characters, discover synonyms for trump, check out the book Story Genius, discover whether you feel bad or badly, find inspiration from Rebecca Solnit, read about how other writers deal with criticism, and see if you want to join 1,677 other writers who’ve already taken the free video training.

Issue #15, October 23, 2016


This month in the Revise with Confidence Newsletter, we explore whether or not to write a prologue for your novel, how to properly punctuate dialogue, whether to use “till” or “until”, see whether “What If?” is the craft book for you, get inspiration from Terry McMillan, check out two articles about writing great description, and check out several good online learning opportunities.

Issue #14, October 6, 2016


This month in the Revise with Confidence Newsletter, we explore how to choose a great title, consider the importance of down time, check out the book Think Like a Writer, review a mental trick to remember how to spell “loose”, hear words of wisdom from Richard Price, link to popular articles about how to write a great ending, and check out several free and paid online courses for writers.

Issue #13, August 30, 2016


This month in the Revise with Confidence Newsletter we address the value of short sentences, suggest a few helpful cheat sheets for revising long manuscripts, inspect the importance of sentences in general, determine whether to use among or amongst, read wisdom from George Saunders, follow links to craft articles on weaving in backstory, and have a chance to meet me on Wednesday, September 14 in Brunswick, Maine (free event at the Curtis Memorial Library, 6:30 pm).

Issue #12, July 29, 2016


This month in the Revise with Confidence Newsletter we talk about how much time you should spend writing, explore writing structure, look at single versus double quotation marks, take a moment to remember Elie Wiesel, link to articles on 3rd person and omniscient POV, consider enrolling in the FREE Discover Your Writing Self course, and get a sneak peek into what I’ll be sending your way soon.

Issue #11, July 1, 2016


This month in the Revise with Confidence Newsletter we talk about portraying place in fiction, the character who talks to himself, how to “Green-Light Your Book”, and whether to rifle or riffle. We also get serious about Orlando and freedom of speech, see what great writers have to say about the art of revision, consider enrolling in the FREE Discover Your Writing Self course, and get a sneak peek into what I’ll be sending your way soon.

Issue #10, May 27, 2016


This month in the Revise with Confidence Newsletter we discuss compelling openings in fiction, the sense of smell, the power of less, OK vs. okay, what’s getting in the way of revising your work, WordPress vs. Squarespace and more.

Issue #9, April 29, 2016


Participles, hyphens, Chicago Manual of Style (aka, the ‘bible’), JK Rowling, and more.

Issue #8, March 31, 2016


We take a hard look at the importance of using specific language, draw inspiration from Tom Robbins, discover a book about flash fiction, receive some free giveaways from one of my online courses and gaze upon the snoring terrier.

Issue #7, March 7, 2016


We take a look at how using different fonts can help you revise your work, admire the simplicity of the semi-colon, remember life lessons from Pat Conroy and celebrate a new treasure trove of literary resources (curated by yours truly).

Issue #6, January 23, 2016


Whether transcription is useful, learn when to use ‘affect’ or ‘effect’, read a lesson about self-consciousness from Andre Dubus III, get inspiration from Mark Twain, and more.

Issue #5, December 26, 2015


We consider the importance of vivid word choices, whether to use ‘dialog’ or ‘dialogue’, what kids think about the word ‘possible’, what author Janet Fitch recommends to writers, and what I have to say about 3rd person POV and getting stuck revising chapter one.

Issue #4, November 28, 2015


Free online writing lab, how to read a novelist, what’s a coordinate adjective, Zadie Smith, John Freeman, and more.

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