I've been serious about my creative writing writing since 2000, when I took my first fiction workshop at Grub Street Writers in Boston, and I've been writing ever since. My debut novel, This Is How It Beginswas published in October, 2017.

Teaching is a great way to learn, so after I earned my MFA in creative writing at Antioch University Los Angeles, I stayed on and also got my Post-Graduate Certificate for the Teaching of Creative Writing.

I've been teaching ever since, too.

If you've ever asked yourself any of these questions—

  • Is my writing any good?
  • Am I just wasting my time trying to become a writer?
  • Can I actually create something worth publishing?
  • How do I know where to begin to revise my work?
  • Do I need an editor, or can I edit my work by myself?

—you've found the right place to get some guidance.

I believe that every writer can learn how to create valuable, publishable work.

Is it easy? No.

But is it possible? Yes!

Learning how to be a good (even a great) writers takes diligent, applied effort, perseverance, lots of practice and an honest willingness to cope with inevitable rejection. Creative writing is not for the faint of heart, but it is abundantly rewarding!

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